"Amazing company! I have them cleaning all of my rental properties. They have amazing customer service skills are very upfront with prices. The phone estimates almost always match the technicians prices. The carpets always turn out very well and dry time is very fast! I always receive a discount on my properties for being a returning client! Been using xtreme for 2 yrs now will no longer use any other company."


"My carpets are constantly being abused with boots carrying in debris and grease from the steel shop and were filthy. Less than an hour and my carpets were spotless. Pets stains vanished as well. Excellent staff, friendly and efficient. Thank you for the excellent service!"


"Xtreme carpet cleaning was extremely professional and had great communication! I got a sense that they truly cared about providing a quality service with a commitment to customer care. I highly recommend them to anyone in the Bozeman area looking for carpet cleaning service from a company they can count on. Thank you Xtreme carpet cleaning for the great service!"

Alex and Ashley Samoila

"Thought they were knowledgable. Quick didnt help our carpet situation but had to try an learned some valua6 information."